Thursday, September 8, 2011

Remember me?

Why yes, it HAS been two years since I posted to this blog! Life has been insane - my daughter was born, and then insisted on growing into a very energetic toddler, which I am informed is the only kind of toddler that exists. I started taking two classes per semester to finish up my master's degree and served as a Cub Scout leader and then in the Primary (the children's organization) for my church. I've been a busy bee! Amazingly, I have still had time to read, just not to post (and it's been my loss, because I can't keep it straight and occasionally bring home a book, start it, and realize I read it last year!)

Anyway, that time is at an end. The lack of homework has left me wondering "Gee, what do I do now?" and I thought that blogging might be a constructive way to use that time. So, new book reviews are coming soon - hopefully that's good news for someone other than me!

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