Monday, August 3, 2009

Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

I recommend this book for: grades 7 and up

D.J. works hard on her family's farm over the summer while her father recovers from an operation. Most of what needs doing falls to her because her older brothers are both away at college, and after a huge argument, they don't come home to help out. One chore that turns into her favorite activity is acting as a personal trainer to the rival high school's quarterback, who needs some pushing to do his best. As her relationship with Brian grows she decides to do what will make her happy for once - try out for the football team herself.

This is a fun summer book with substance. D.J. has a lot of problems teens can relate to between her family, friends, romantic interests, and schoolwork, plus the complicated position of being a girl trying out for the football team. There are funny moments and some heartbreaking ones too. Very worthwhile!

Reviews - be careful, there are spoilers in them!

If you're concerned about mature content, start highlighting here (there may be more, this is what I remember): There are a few instances of teen drinking, and one of the major complications in D.J.'s life is that although she is interested in guys, her female best friend wants to be more than friends. End of invisible text.

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