Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cassandra's Sister: Growing Up Jane Austen by Veronica Bennet

I recommend this book for:  middle school and up

First of all, the subtitle is a bit misleading, since Jane is already around 17 when this novel opens.  The storyline focuses on Jane, her older sister Cassandra, and the family joys and heartaches that could have inspired Jane's writing.  

This book didn't do much for me.  While the details of Austen's family life were interesting, there seemed to be very little emotional connection, even when people were taking drastic measures.  Even the romance seemed pretty distant, perhaps a side effect of the time period - but then, social rules and all, Mr. Darcy never seemed to have that problem. 

Austen fans will probably find this worth looking at, but it won't have much appeal to teens who haven't enjoyed at least one of her novels.  

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