Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wake by Lisa McMann

I recommend this book for: high school

Janie has an alcoholic mother, a burning desire to go to college, and a secret she's never told anyone. Whenever she's in a room with a sleeping person, Janie sees into that person's dreams.  The results of this are sometimes comical and sometimes terrifying, and she has no control over it. Now in high school, Janie has learned to manage her condition to a degree - she blacks out but can usually ride out a person's dream safely and get back to life. Then one nightmare really gets to her - and it turns out to belong to someone who's starting to matter to her.

A fast-paced, exciting read. The intense pace is supported by the format of listing a date and time before each short section. A lot of the action seems to be based more on character development and relationships than on actual events, but Janie's world is so complex and interesting that it works. The final third of the book is where most of the actual action happens. A major theme is that things aren't always what they seem - with the dreams Janie stumbles into, with Cabel, and even with Janie's mother.

This is definitely a book for high school because of content - without spoiling the plot I can say that there is very liberal use of the f-word, teen drinking and partying, drug use, and sex (after all, she gets sucked into the dreams of teenagers . . .) It's also a novel that doesn't shy away from society's problems - in addition to Janie's alcoholic mother, there is a character who has suffered from physical abuse, a drug dealer, etc.


Anonymous said...

what is the theme of this book? i am writting a book report on this and i need help on whats its theme?

Anonymous said...

im writting a book report and i need to know the setting and how it impacts the plot

Chlobugg said...

I think that the theme of this book was that you should learn to cope with the things that you don’t like about yourself. Just like Janie learned to cope with dream-catching, you should embrace who you are because (like Lady Gaga says) you were born this way.