Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mary Had a Little Lamp by Jack Lechner ill. by Bob Staake

I recommend this book for: preschool to grade 2

This quirky tale tells of Mary and her beloved gooseneck lamp, who goes everywhere with her. It follows the meter of 'Mary had a little lamb', but has a lot more pizzazz! The illustrations are mostly fantastic, featuring oddly-shaped people who reminded me a bit of Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride, but much more colorful. Mary and her lamp have a lot of personality, and the perplexed faces of Mary's parents and classmates are priceless.

But - there's virtually no explanation of why Mary leaves her faithful lamp behind in favor of another appliance, which bugged me. Also, there's one picture of a swingset where the swing would clearly be lying the ground if it wasn't forward and up in the air - shattering the laws of physics gets on my nerves, too!

Final verdict - a few issues, but lots of fun!

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