Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

I recommend this book for: high school

Marcus is just your average teen tech geek - he knows how to get around school surveillance, build his own laptop, and do some neat tricks with his cell phone and alternatives to the Internet. But everything changes when terrorists blow up the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, and Marcus and his best friends are arrested by the Department of Homeland Security. They're innocent, but treated like they're guilty, and Marcus has a big problem with that. So what's a teen to do when his liberties are taken away? Take them back!

So starts the story of Marcus and his fight against those who try to convince the city that they're trading liberty for security without actually providing that security. Doctorow does a good job of explaining all of the technology and what it does in terms that non-geeks can understand. Marcus is brilliant, not just when it comes to computers, but in the connections he makes between his social studies class and his current situation.  

A great book that gives teens and adults plenty to think about - why is that we're content to be under surveillance everywhere?  What does the Declaration of Independence mean in today's world?  How do you go about proving that you're not a terrorist?  It is definitely for mature audiences - the violence isn't graphic, and the message of thinking for yourself is applicable for everyone, but there's also a good bit of rather frank sexual content.

Don't trust anyone over 25!  Trust these reviews . . . 

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