Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ever by Gail Carson Levine

I recommend this book for: middle and high school

Another winner from Gail Carson Levine! Like Fairest, this book has echoes of old stories put into a new fantasy world, and the results are brilliant.

Kezi loves to dance and knot rugs, but she does not realize how much she loves life until a vow made by her father threatens to take it away from her. He promised a sacrifice to Admat, the god of their land, not realizing that his daughter would be the one to meet the criteria. She has thirty days to live.

Olus is the god of the winds, worshipped in a neighboring land. However, he is lonely among the gods (his closest brother is 412 years older than he is) and poses as a mortal shepherd, renting land from Kezi's father. Watching the family, he falls in love with the girl and determines to save her.

More than a simple love at first sight story, this book explores some really interesting questions about religion and what it takes to be a hero. I really appreciated that Kezi made her own decisions about faith and rescued herself when she got into trouble. Fans of fantasy and good clean love stories should eat this one up!

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