Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Opposite of Invisible by Liz Gallagher

I recommend this book for: high school

Alice is an artsy sophomore in Seattle, and she and her male best friend Jewel do just about everything together. Jewel has always been enough for her, but lately Alice has felt invisible at school, and she wants to be seen - particularly by Simon from the football team. When Simon makes it clear that he does see her, and wants to see more of her, Alice is ecstatic to accept his invitation to the Halloween dance. Which happens on the same day that Jewel makes his move and she has to turn him down. Does dating a popular guy mean she has to lose her best friend completely?

This is a fast read, and it has really great momentum. The descriptions of Seattle are beautiful, and I could almost see the art that Alice and Jewel were creating. Most teen girls can probably relate (or want to!) to the too many boys at one time problem, and Gallagher handles the complex emotions of friendship and crushing very well. A fun high school romance with a happy ending, but it doesn't go on the "squeaky clean" list - highlight to find out why here: SPOILER ALERT! Alice's relationship with Simon moves very fast - almost to the point of having sex before she thinks better of it - she even buys pretty underwear for the occasion! Simon likes to party, and Alice gets drunk once before deciding to never do that again. So in the end, there's a lot of talk and some description of teen drinking and sexual activity, but Alice either learns from her mistakes or decides against making them in the first place. End of spoilers.

The buzz.

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