Monday, September 15, 2008

Crushed by Laura and Tom McNeal

I recommend this book for: grade 8 and up

Audrey and her two best friends are outsiders, recently arrived in public school after 4 years in what one might call an artsy fartsy environment. They also all happen to be loaded - or appear to be. Clyde is a quiet outcast who rides a scooter and works at a country club to help pay the medical bills for his mother, who is dying of cancer. The Yellow Paper is a publication that exposes the dirtiest secrets of the school, about both students and faculty. Wickham Hill is the new kid in school, with a Southern drawl and charm that has every girl swooning - but the one he asks out is Audrey.

If you've never read Pride and Prejudice (get to it, it's amazing! Plus, it gives context for this book!), allow me to enlighten you - guys named Wickham are not what they appear to be! In fact, hardly anyone in this novel is what they seem to be at first - friends betray one another, the guilty-looking turn out to be innocent, and even the villain has reasons you can almost understand. The dialogue is fun, and the ending, although not the one I personally was hoping for, was mostly happy.

What the pros said.

You may want to know: Wickham is a drinker (there's a clue that he's not a good kid!), and although Audrey doesn't sleep with him, she does allow him to unbutton her shirt while making out. The dirty secrets revealed in the paper involve plastic surgery, cheating, suspected murder, and manslaughter while driving drunk, but none of these things are portrayed in a positive light. End of invisible text.

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Cindy Mitchell said...

Hi! I think that the white text is a very clever way to add spoilers to your reviews without ruining someone's enjoyment. I think I have to steal that idea for my own review blog. I will make sure that I send up thanks to you for the idea before I do, however. I wouldn't be surprised if you start a phenomenon!