Monday, July 7, 2008

A Stone In My Hand by Cathryn Clinton

I recommend this book for: middle and high school

Malaak is 12 and lives in the Palestine of 1988. Occupying Israeli soldiers are everywhere, the Palestinian flag is banned, and unrest and violence are everywhere. Malaak's own father has disappeared, and her older brother's activities make her worry that he will be harmed as well. This is a detailed look at what war in the Middle East really means for people old and young (although Clinton makes note that she is writing a historical novel and not attempting to comment on the current political situation, certainly many of the details hold true in the present conflict) - school closings, barricades, terrorist attacks, disrupted funerals, broken families, and fear. Some of the scenes are difficult to read, but not gory, and it's definitely a worthwhile book.


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