Monday, June 9, 2008

Araminta Spookie: My Haunted House by Angie Sage

I recommend this book for: grades 1-3

A fun fun fun start to the series! Araminta Spookie (isn't that a fantastic name?) lives in a haunted house, where she has a different bedroom for every day of the week, her uncle has a large tower to keep his many bats, and they both agree that their home is perfect. Unfortunately, Aunt Tabby feels otherwise - she's tired of bats and spiders, and most of all she's tired of fighting with the boiler, which likes to throw tantrums and soot frequently. Aunt Tabby has decided that the house is going up for sale. Araminta, however, has other plans, which involve fiendish stares, impersonating ghosts, and scaring away anyone who has an interest in the house. The crisis comes when a family comes to look at the house and everything she does to scare them away makes them more interested. And did I mention the real ghosts?

This one was great! There were a few things that may need to be explained to children (like what a boiler is, the role of a real estate agent, and a few British-isms), but it was very enjoyable with a strong plot, interesting characters, and a situation that many kids can understand - not wanting to move. This one gets an A!

Hmm, not everyone loved it . . .
Don't read the first review if you don't want the ending ruined!

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