Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rucker Park Setup by Paul Volponi

So I just found this one in my manage post sections and realized I had never posted it . . . I read the book months ago, but here's what I remember about it!

I recommend this book for: high school

Mackey and his best friend J.R. live and breathe basketball, spending most of their time playing at legendary Rucker Park. They can't wait to play in the huge championship there, which could mean hitting the big time for both of them. Then J.R. is stabbed on the court, and Mackey, feeling immensely guilty, has to choose how he will go on.

This was a gritty book, full of basketball and street violence, rappers and gangstas. The narration puts the reader inside Mackey's head, which isn't always a pleasant place to be. Readers may not agree with all of his choices, but they certainly could generate discussion - what would other people do if they were in Mackey's sneakers?

No professional reviews on Amazon, but there is some more info.

*Contains violence and mature language

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