Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ridin' Dinos with Buck Bronco by George McClements

I recommend this book for: preK-grade 2

When you work with kids, you learn pretty quickly what they like: animals, things that go, pirates, cowboys, and dinosaurs. This fun picture book takes the last two and combines them to make a story about a cowboy and dinosaurs - who wouldn't love that?

Buck Bronco was astonished to find some "loco-lookin' eggs" in his field that turned out to be dinosaur eggs. This book is his how-to guide for the proper care and riding of dinosaurs. Full of fun facts, such as the difference between a biped (better for speed) and a quadruped (more comfortable), and what herbivores and carnivores eat, it's a great blend of silliness (make sure to check that dino's feet for foreign matter like sticks, stones, and puppies!) and tidbits of information that dino lovers will adore. The format of the book is fun, with collages of smiling dinosaurs, helpful diagrams, and labels to help you identify different dino species and pieces of riding equipment. There is probably too much reading for the youngest dinosaur fans, but I think kids 4 and up would get a big kick out of this one!

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Thanks for the great review.
I have a new book coming in April.