Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Poison Apples by Lily Archer

I recommend this book for: grade 8 and up

What's worse than your mother dying or your parents getting divorced? That's right - acquiring, through no fault of your own, an evil stepmother. Alice, Reena, and Molly all find themselves in the position of watching their fathers marry crazy women. They also all find themselves attending a posh New England boarding school - Alice and Reena because their parents decide it would be better for them to be out of the house, Molly to escape the stepmother who wants to put her to work as a full-time babysitter. The girls initially struggle to make friends and despise one another, but when they find out their common bond, they form a group called the Poison Apples, determined to take back control of their own lives and make those wicked witches married to their fathers pay!

I love love loved this book. The package is fantastic, from the cover art to the pages edged in red, so that it looks like you're reading an apple. The three girls, who each narrate alternating chapters, have distinct and funny perspectives on life. Another fun aspect of this book is that it has the rich kid boarding school atmosphere, but the drama is much more innocent than that of Gossip Girls, for example. This one goes on the favorites list!

But if you don't believe me . . .


Anonymous said...

hey i read the first one and i was wondering if you knew if there is to be a second?

Krystel said...

Dear anonymous,

Unfortunately, I have no idea. It seems that the author doesn't have a website (or I just haven't looked for it hard enough), so all I can say is that I sincerely hope there will be a sequel - it certainly seemed possible from the ending!