Friday, October 19, 2007

Blaze of Silver by K.M Grant

I recommend this book for: middle and high school, fans of horse books who have outgrown The Black Stallion and Marguerite Henry's books

And so the de Granville trilogy (which began with Blood Red Horse and continued with Green Jasper) comes to a close. These are interesting books, and I'm glad I read the whole trilogy, but they don't go on my favorites list. The first volume concentrates on Will and Kamil, two young men on opposite sides of the battle lines of one of King Richard's Crusades, both of them with a deep and abiding love for one horse. The second is more about England's troubles in Richard's absence and other domestic woes, such as the girl who Will and his brother both love being kidnapped and held against her will. And Blaze of Silver wraps up all of the loose plot threads. Will Will and Ellie ever really be able to express their feelings? How long can Kamil stay in England? Will they be able to get the ransom to pay for Richard's release? What's the deal with the Old Man of the Mountain, and will he really be able to find Kamil and exact his revenge? This is a nicely realized historical novel. The ending isn't happy for all of the characters, but it is satisfying, so I definitely recommend this for anyone who enjoyed the first two books, but there's so much going on that anyone starting out with Blaze would be pretty hopelessly lost.

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