Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eleven by Lauren Myracle

I recommend this book for: grade 5-7

This is a book I knew I had to read when a girl came in and asked for it, then started jumping up and down when I pulled it from the shelf, yelling "Yes, that's it!!!" Any book that inspires that much excitement is worth reading.

Sixth grade is a turbulent time for anyone, and Winnie is no exception. From feeling like she's losing her best friend to a new popular girl, crushing on her sister's boyfriend, and having her own first boy/girl thing happen on Valentine's day, she has lot going on. The friendship theme is so important here, and it's nice to see Winnie growing up and accepting that you can be friends with more than one person and giving the unpopular girl in her class a chance. Each chapter takes place in a different month, which I liked because it shows how much can happen in that period of time, and the episodes were very well chosen. This is my first Lauren Myracle book, and I definitely enjoyed it.


All4eleven said...

Eleven was a fabulous book about a girl that is 11 years old. Winnie is having issues with her friend...which leads to a whole new friendship with Dinah.

Mahi Mahi said...

I just finished reading it last month and I really liked it. I'm 11 and in 6th grade and many of the thing in the book happen to me. I thought Lauren Myracle did a good job making it life like.