Friday, September 14, 2007

Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey

I recommend this book for: middle and high school

Huzzah, another great re-telling of Cinderella! I'd read a great review of this, then set myself up for disappointment when I saw the cover art - for some reason it looks cheap to me - but the story was fantastic.

La Cendrillon's mother died just after giving birth to her, causing her father to turn away from the child and leave her to be raised by his servants. He also leaves an infant boy, commanding that the child should never leave his lands unless he sent for him himself. And so Cendrillon and Raoul grow up together, she wishing every year on her birthday that her father would forgive the circumstances of her birth, and he always wishing to know his origins. Neither is ever granted, until one year in anger Cendrillon wishes for a mother and sisters who could love her, since her father never will - and her new stepmother and sisters arrive shortly thereafter.

Dokey has created a fantasy world where wishes have real power, where love and hate grow from the ground as certainly as they do in people's hearts, and where two friends make their own happily ever after by the choices they make. Definitely worth a read for fans of fresh takes on fairy tales.

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Laura said...

i absolutly love this book it is the best. i would recommend this book to anyone. thank you cameron dokey! :]