Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Way Down Deep by Ruth White

Haha, Himitsu, I just keep on blogging and blogging . . .

I recommend this book for: grades 4-8

Ruby appeared in the tiny Appalachian town of Way Down Deep as a 3 year old in June of 1944. Not being able to speak very much, nobody knew how she had gotten there, but Miss Arbutus, the owner of the boarding house, took her in and raised her as her own. Now Ruby is 12, and with the introduction of a new family in town, the mystery of Ruby's past is beginning to unravel - but is the life she loves about to unravel with it?

This book was a joy, with quirky characters that made me think of Billie Letts, and a touch of magical realism. There's Robber Bob, who attempted to rob the bank with a toy gun to support his children, and the Sheriff, who walked in on the middle of the robbery without noticing anything amiss. The librarian, Miss Wordy, likes to use words like "inasmuch" and "albeit", and Miss Arbutus herself sends Ruby on all of the errands because she doesn't like to see people in person or use the telephone. The smalltown setting is picturesque and perfect, and the way Ruby brings joy to all of the people (and goats) around her is inspiring. This one's a definite winner!

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Charlotte said...

I just read this, and loved it!