Saturday, August 11, 2007

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

I recommend this book for: grade 8 and up, fans of vampires, werewolves, romance

If you ate Stephenie Meyer's books, they'd taste like dark chocolate. The woman is amazing.

Book three of my favorite vampire love saga held me just as enthralled as the other two. It was different, yes, but in ways I loved - explanations of where Jasper and Rosalie came from, as well as a few peeks into what Edward was like as a human. Bella stands up to Edward and his riduculous overprotectiveness (he really was getting on my nerves, halfway through, I wanted her to just run off with Jacob and be done with it) - and unlike some other critics, I've never considered Bella to be a weak character. Still, it was nice to see Edward not get his way all the time. The development of the love triangle worked out better than I'd hoped for Jake, my favorite character - he got a chance to shine right along with Edward. Another change - this volume was a bit steamier than the previous two, which were romantic but squeaky clean, but Eclipse is a bit of an escalation in the relationships. Nothing really happens that parents should worry about, but there is a bit of discussion that made me blush!

In the end, I can't talk too much about the plot (some readers might want to cheat, and I can't condone that! ;-), but the Amazon reviews are always good for giving a little taste of what happens, so read those. I loved this book and recommend it highly, but make sure you read Twilight and New Moon first!

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