Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Wrong Hands by Nigel Richardson

I recommend this book for: high school

Wow! This book was intriguing, and I'm not entirely sure that I liked it, but it interested me . . . does that make sense? Graham lives in Britain and is constantly teased because, among other things, he has gigantic, deformed hands. But he also has a secret, and his mother tries to force him to keep it between the two of them. The first time he tells someone, it goes tragically wrong and he finds himself under suspicion of criminal activity, and he's carted off to London to stay with his uncle until it blows over. Then a tragic airplane crash and Graham's actions afterward put him in the spotlight and his mother in a psych ward. Are you confused yet? One of my coworkers read this book and completely hated it - her comment was "If I'd wanted to read A Clockwork Orange, I'd have read A Clockwork Orange." Since I've never read A Clockwork Orange, I don't really know for myself how they compare, but I did feel compelled to finish this book and see what happened - although, admittedly, I spent a lot more time on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in the last week. Enjoyable? Well, I suppose that depends on your definition, but it was definitely interesting and compelling, in a magical realism/unreliable narrator/not really sure what's going on, but he might tell me if I keep reading sort of way.

More concise reviewers say . . . (Don't read the first review if you don't want the big secret spoiled!)

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