Monday, June 18, 2007

Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins

I recommend this book for: middle school

Gregor is 11 and bummed because he has to stay at home and watch his baby sister Boots instead of going to summer camp. He also misses his father, who disappeared over 2 years ago, intensely. Then he and Boots fall down a grate in their NYC apartment building's laundry room and find themselves in the Underland, a dangerous new world populated by giant talking bats, roaches, and rats, as well as a peculiar race of humans. Gregor is called on to fulfill an ancient prophecy about a warrior from the Overland who will save the Underland in a time of war - and in the process, he may be able to rescue his father, who was captured by the rats.

I read this in about a day and a half - it was very action-packed and kept me wanting to read just one more chapter. If the book has a major flaw it is that some of the minor characters are not developed at all - in fact, some of them exist just to die and fulfill a part of the prophecy - but it is exciting and most of the characters are very well-developed. Highly enjoyable!

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