Monday, June 11, 2007

Astro City: Life in the Big City by Kurt Busiek, Brent E. Anderson, and Alex Ross

I recommend this book for: middle school and high school

A somewhat different take on superheroes, Astro City follows the day to day life of the people in the city - those who wear capes and those who don't. This collection included stories about what the Samaritan does all day - from sneaking out of work to the split seconds of flight, a newspaper reporter's first big story, a petty criminal convinced that a hero is out to get him, and a blind date between a hero and a heroine - who keep getting interrupted to sign autographs. I found it interesting, and my husband (a grownup comic book geek) enjoyed it as well.

Well, no professional reviews on this one, but here's what some other people thought.

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