Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

I recommend this book for: middle school

Alex Rider is 14 and lives with his uncle because his parents died in an accident when he was younger. Then two police officers show up at 3 am (never a good sign) to tell him that his uncle has also died in a car accident, because he wasn't wearing his seat belt. That sounds fishy to Alex, so he does a little investigating and finds that his uncle's death wasn't accidental at all, and that he died because of bullets, not his own carelessness. Ian Rider was a spy with MI6, and now the agency needs Alex to finish his mission.

Over the top? Of course, but loads of fun. Alex is just realistic enough as a teenager to get away with ridiculous stunts like entering his uncle's office by swinging from a flag and escaping a car that is inside the crusher in a junkyard. The goons hired by the bad guys are typically terrible shots, and MI6 and Ian Rider combined miraculously supply Alex with exactly the equipment and training he needs to fulfill every contingency of his mission. For young James Bond fans, or anyone who likes a nice light adventure, this is fantastic, and I especially recommend it for younger teen boys. Also, this is the first of a series, so Alex Rider could keep them reading for quite some time.

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I have read the beginning of the book and it is amazing.