Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pieces of Georgia by Jen Bryant

I recommend this book for: middle school and up

Oh, this one was a winner! Georgia is on the at-risk list at school, but she doesn't do drugs like most of the others on the list - she lives in a trailer with her father and has frequent stomach pains ever since her artist mother died. Georgia was 7 at the time. Now she's 13 and a budding artist herself - something she tries to hide from her father because it pains him to be reminded of his wife. She has only one good friend, other than the horses in the stable where she works. But then some wonderful things happen - Georgia receives a membership to an art museum as an anonymous birthday gift, her art teacher enters her in a contest for a special art program, and her counselor tells her she won't have to come to those awkward sessions for a while, under the condition that she keeps a journal. The novel takes the form of this journal, written as free-verse poems addressed to Georgia's late mother. I thought it was beautiful and uplifting.

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