Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson

I recommend this book for: middle school

Disney characters come alive at night! The Pirates of the Caribbean (and we're not talking about Johnny Depp here) come alive and run amok! Those little dolls in "It's a Small World" try to kill people at night (I knew it!) Haven't you ever wondered what goes on in the Magic Kingdom after the gates are closed? Finn and 4 other middle schoolers get to find out in this story. The five teens are DHIs - they were recorded as holograms that appear all over the park and give tourists information about the various attractions and Disney history. But there's more to being a DHI. Every time they go to sleep, they find themselves in the park, and it isn't nearly as kid-friendly as it should be. Evil Overtakers are working to take over Disney and beyond, and the DHIs are Disney's first line of defense against them.

This is a really cool concept, and from the co-author of Peter and the Starcatchers, I expected great things. Sadly, I was disappointed. A lot of the adventure sequences were really fantastic, and even the characterizations weren't bad, but there was a lot of unexplained material. How did Amanda get involved with everything, and what on earth happens to her and Jezebel after Maleficent is defeated? Are there more Overtakers, or was Maleficent the main one? Middle schoolers who are fans of Disney will probably enjoy this, and I am going to booktalk it this spring because it does have a lot of good points, but it doesn't go on my list of favorites.

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