Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Beginning of the Blogging

Here's my new ambitious project - and just in time for my annual performance evaluation, yay! I've been encouraged to keep a reader's advisory notebook to keep track of the things I read - in this line of work, it's good to keep those things fresh, of course, and as a person with a memory like a sieve, I have a hard time remembering details about books I read last year. So I kept my little reader's advisory file on a floppy disk (it just takes so long to write things out by hand in a notebook!). And then the floppy disk died. It was okay though, because I had most of my files backed up on my flash drive - which I promptly lost. And so the idea of the book blog was born - for Krystel frequently forgets things, breaks things, and loses things, but surely she can't forget about, break, or lose the Internet! (That previous statement is probably tempting fate - I assume no responsibility for any subsequent memory loss, breakage, or loss concerning the Internet.) As my memory is jogged and I finish books, reviews will magically appear!

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